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Safety Guide for Snapchat Parents

For an app that is only 2 years old, Snapchat is already wildly popular.  18.6% of all U.S. iPhone users have Snapchat on their phones. It’s especially popular with young adults and teens. If your child has or is interested in having a Snapchat account of their own, here is what you need to know. […]

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uknowkids video

uKnowKids Makes Parenting Easier

As every mom and dad will tell you, parenting is hard, and especially, in our new digital age. Our team at think we can make the job a bit easier for parents and keep kids safer at the same time.

Please take 90 seconds to watch our new video, “uKnowKIds Makes Parenting Easier!”, and if you like it, please share it with your friends and family. You can learn more about uKnowkids at

Thanks for helping us make the world a safer place for our kids.

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Thank You buySAFE

This past week I was a guest speaker at the Miva Merchant Internet Conference in San Diego. My presentation, “Turning the Risk Discount into a Trust Premium”, was my last official, public appearance as a member of the buySAFE team. I have included an excerpt video from the session below. As you probably know, I […]

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Parenting Digital Kids is About to Get Easier

Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants Today’s children represent the first generation to grow up entirely in a digital world. They have spent their entire lives using computers, video games, webcams, digital music players, mobile phones, instant messaging services and everything else the digital world has to offer. Our kids are all “native speakers” of a […]

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What Type of Mobile Phone Does Your Child Use?

As you many have seen in this U.S. News & World Report article, KidSafe is quickly approaching launch.  We’re tremendously excited! We want to know which mobile telephone platform your kids are using today and would appreciate it if you will share this poll with your family, friends and social networking followers.  And if you […]

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I’m a dad. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m an Internet & Child Safety Advocate. Based upon a bad online shopping experience my brother Steve had on eBay, he founded an Internet trust and safety company called buySAFE in 2003. I joined the buySAFE team when the business launched and today I serve as the company’s Vice […]

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