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Blurring the Lines Between Types of Media

Parenting has never been easy, but a generation ago it was at least easier to tell exactly what your child was doing on any particular device. The radio and CDs were for listening to music. Atari and Nintendo were for playing games. Phones were for making calls. Technology was simpler then, and rarely did different […]

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Reminder to Teens: “Posting Isn’t Private”

In cyberspace, things rarely stay private. A nude picture, snarky comment, or reference to illegal drugs or underage drinking meant for a friend’s eyes only can easily be seen by a teacher, employer, parent, stranger, or the entire high school. In an effort to underline the need for more caution in posting information online, the […]

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Helping Kids to Understand Snapchat Privacy

Parents, especially the parents of teenagers using the mobile photo sharing app Snapchat, were understandably concerned and surprised in May when several Facebook groups and a website posted Snapchat images that were supposedly deleted. What does your teen need to know about Snapchat privacy? The first thing kids should understand is that the same rules […]

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What Are Instagram and SnapChat?

If you have a tween or teen in your house, you may have noticed lately that they aren’t spending as much time on Facebook. Social networking sites like Facebook are still gaining in popularity with parents and grandparents, but teens and tweens are finding new social media apps to connect with friends, including Instagram and […]

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Why Kids Needs Social Networks

3 Reasons Kids Need Social Networking

In light of predators, bullying, and general time-wasting, you might be tempted as a parent to keep your children away from Facebook and Twitter for as long as possible. But when used correctly, your child can be safe online and can use social networking as a tool that will help them in many ways throughout […]

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7 Reasons Teens Get in Trouble Online

7 Reasons Teens Get in Trouble Online

When it comes to getting into dangerous situations online, teenagers are at a special risk. More advanced than younger children but lacking the maturity and experience of most adults, teens are likely to accidentally compromise their safety online or to experiment with risky behavior. Parents should know and understand that the teenage brain is still […]

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