Nintendo 3DS Warning: 3D Harmful to Kids’ Eyes

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The newest Nintendo game console is anticipated to arrive this spring, and it’s pretty different from other gaming systems on the market. Without the aid of glasses, Nintendo claims to create 3-dimensional effects in its new portable 3DS console.

But it’s not for kids under 6, Nintendo warns, because it could potentially damage their vision.

Nintendo cites research from child development specialists saying the strain of assimilating 3D effects could potentially lead to lazy eye or other vision problems in the developing eyes of children under 6.

Nintendo plans to include a parental function to “toggle down” the 3D nature of the game, making it effectively 2D and therefore safe for even very young users.

Regardless of age, viewing movies or video games in 3D is more difficult for the eye so it’s recommended that everyone (even teens and adults) take a break from the 3DS every 30 minutes to avoid headaches or nausea.

by Jenny Evans

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